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EUREKA GlobalStars: Singapore open competition virtual Marketplace

How it works

This is a virtual Marketplace to discuss project opportunities and facilitate introductions between organisations from Singapore and the seven countries from the EUREKA Network participating in this call.

It is an ideal way to initiate contact with potential new international collaboration partners and a great opportunity to widen your network of contacts. The concept revolves around finding matches between a technology seeker and a technology provider. Partnering is also referred to as Matchmaking or Brokerage Event.


1. Online registration

During the registration you are required to provide the following information:

  • Your organisation's data
  • Your availability for meetings leading up to the call deadline
  • Your OFFER (Expertise and Project Coorperation) or Your REQUEST

All the information must be written in English and will be checked and validated before being included in the catalogue. If mandatory information gaps exist or the information you input is unclear we will contact you to resolve the issue. Profiles that are incomplete, unclear or irrelevant to the event will not be considered.

Your profile is your opportunity to define the product, service, technology or investment you are offering or requesting and gives you a valuable opportunity to describe what you would like to discuss with potential collaborative partners within this process.

You can submit as many OFFERS and REQUESTS to the Marketplace as you like. However, please do not include more than one OFFER or REQUEST on the same profile.

2. Promotion of published profiles

All profiles (Expertise, Project Coorporation & Requests) will be promoted within the Marketplace.

Profiles are the key to success at finding a collaborative partner to join the call, as interest will be generated based upon the information submitted against each profile entry. We would encourage all participants to submit, in as much detail as possible, the most accurate information against each submission when creating an OFFER or a REQUEST. All cooperation profiles will be published online.

3. Arrangement of your virtual appointments

Email notification

You will be able to search the catalogue to identify suitable participants’ profiles. Check which offer/request profiles are the most interesting for you. 

Submit an Expression of Interest

You can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the profile of your interest and establish contact with the profile owner. You can also message participants and receive messages from other participants.

Your schedule

Following exchange of project ideas and requirements, etc. with other participants you can take the conversation to a channel of your choice, let it be phone, skype and others. Because this is a virtual Marketplace there is no personal meeting schedule as such other than what you arrange yourself.

4. Preparing and submitting the EUREKA call application

When a match is ascertained, both partners from Singapore and the participating EUREKA country are encouraged to have detailed conversations on the project collaboration in preparation for the EUREKA proposal submission.

Please refer to the following link on the eligibility criteria and submission process:

Further, while the deadline for applications to the EUREKA call is on 26th September 2019, in some countries, initial registration with the national/regional authority or funding body has to be made by the 19th of September 2019. It is advisable not to leave it too late.

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